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Acupuncture during pregnancy

Acupuncture is a safe and gentle therapy that can be of help in many aspects of pregnancy. Pregnancy requires a lot of energy from the maternal body and acupuncture can assist in keeping the mum-to-be in tip top condition throughout the whole process.

Treatments can help relieve the “minor discomforts” of pregnancy such as nausea, digestive disturbances, backache, pelvic pain, oedema, fatigue, sleep problems and anxiety. Acupuncture can also be given to support the body in becoming birth-ready.

A study from New Zealand in 2004 found that women who received pre-birth acupuncture, compared to those who did not, had an overall:

  • 35% reduction in number of inductions
  • 31% reduction in epidural rate
  • 32% reduction in emergency caesarean delivery
  • reduced mean labour time by 2 hours

Pre-birth acupuncture protocols are designed to:

  • enhance optimal foetal position
  • help sinews relax and open, preparing the pelvis for labour
  • help ripen the cervix
  • build energy reserves

From 41 weeks, acupuncture can be used to promote spontaneous labour. Please bring your maternity notes to each appointment.

Aromatherapy during pregnancy

As well as relaxing and easing tension of stressed muscles, aromatherapy treatment can help with a range of pregnancy-related issues such as nausea, heartburn and water retention. It is extremely helpful at easing anxieties and preparing expectant mothers both emotionally and physically for childbirth.

I will work with you throughout your pregnancy to maintain your general wellbeing, and also provide blends for use during labour and post-partum. I can provide training in basic childbirth-massage and acupressure for birth partners to apply. After the birth, aromatherapy can be used in many ways to help recovery. This may be through massage or special blends designed for your home use. A shared massage lying with your new born baby is a very special treat for you both – time to relax and bond skin-to-skin.

Pregnancy massages are performed with the mum-to-be lying on her side supported with comfortable cushioned bolsters. A standard massage would start with the back, shoulder, arm and legs. The client will then gently turn to lie on their other side and the routine will be repeated. After this, mum can sit up and enjoy massage to her neck and face, feet, and a lovely shared treat for both mum and baby with gentle abdominal massage. The treatment itself lasts on average 80 minutes, but I allow a 2 hour appointment slot so that there is no rush. There is time to undress and dress at your own pace, get properly comfortable on the couch and take as many trips to the bathroom as you need!