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Encouraging conception with acupuncture

Struggling to conceive can be a very difficult time both emotionally and physically and acupuncture is a powerful means of relieving tensions and calming the spirit. Research shows that stress severely depletes the body’s ability to conceive and acupuncture is an effective means of combating this.

Acupuncture can be employed to bring the body’s energies back into balance which sometimes is all that is needed for a successful natural conception. If there is a known cause for your infertility this can be addressed, but where acupuncture often excels is when there is no Western medical
diagnosis. Where possible, please bring copies of findings from any medical investigations to your first appointment.

In cases of assisted conception, such as IVF, acupuncture can be used to support you through the process. There are many high-quality research studies that show acupuncture improves the success and live birth rates of IVF. Acupuncture can treat both male and female fertility issues. It is preferable but not compulsory, on seeing a new patient for the first time, to have a consultation with both partners.

Emma“I specialise in fertility and pregnancy treatments and, having undertaken advanced training in these areas, am an experienced practitioner. Both aromatherapy and acupuncture are safe for use during pregnancy and postpartum and can be very calming to both mother and baby.”

I am a member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN) and the
Acupuncture Childbirth Team (ACT) Yorkshire.

How can acupuncture improve my fertility?

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture looks in detail at how your whole body is functioning, along with your diet, lifestyle and general constitution. We will pay close attention to your menstrual cycle and look for any signs and symptoms of imbalances that are affecting your ability to conceive. We have become so used to PMT and painful periods that we all seem to have forgotten that these aren’t normal! I will work to bring your body back into rhythm, regulate your cycle and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

It is helpful to try using a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart as this will give us all sorts of useful information about what is going on in your body throughout your cycle. We will be able to see if and when you are ovulating, and see the length of your follicular and luteal phases. It is incredible to see the differences in these charts over a few months of treatment.

Acupuncture treatments for fertility aim to:

  • Regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Improve the quality of your eggs
  • Keep fallopian tubes clear and patent
  • Promote a healthy uterine environment and endometrium
  • Manage stress and anxiety levels
  • Improve energy levels

How does acupuncture support IVF?

Undergoing assisted conception is extrememly stressful and hardgoing for your body and your emotions. You are injecting yourself with strong hormones and making frequent trips to clinics often a long distance away. There may be some unpleasant side effects. You will be tired and emotional. It is my job to provide you with some extra support during ths time – I am someone you can talk to (or have a good whinge or cry – just let it all out!), and I will use my acupuncture skills to keep you feeling balanced throughout the process.

Acupuncture also works to enhance the IVF process. I will use points to influence your body to react better to the IVF, for example innervating the area of your ovaries during ovarian stimulation to help improve the growth rate, quality and number of eggs produced.

There are a number of research studies showing that acupuncture given immediately before and after transfer significantly improves success rates. Acupuncture used throughout the whole IVF protocol and ideally for a month or two before undergoing IVF increases succes rates even further.

As acupuncture treatment during IVF is extremely dependent on the correct timing, I endeavour to make myself available and flexible as much as possible. If you are having your transfer on a Monday morning I will happily see you for your pre-transfer treatment on a Sunday night. My biggest aim is to make treatment as stress free as possible.

Acupuncture during IVF seeks to:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Limit unpleasant side effects
  • Support each phase of the IVF
  • Build a healthy, thick endometrium
  • Improve the number, size and quality of your eggs
  • Increase chance of implantation