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Can acupuncture help me?

What if I’m trying to get pregnant?

greendiamond Acupuncture for fertility

What if I am pregnant?

paleyellowdiamondTreatments for pregnancy

Can you treat my child?

yellowdiamond Treatments for children

What does World Tree Therapies offer?

World Tree Therapies is a Scarborough based Complementary Therapy practice. I offer a personalised, holistic approach to all patients; providing acupuncture, clinical aromatherapy and therapeutic massage treatments. People come to see me for help with a wide range of conditions, and each patient receives a unique treatment plan to improve their health and well-being. In holistic health care we treat the root of the problem, not merely the manifesting symptoms. No two people are the same and the root cause of two identical illnesses can be surprisingly different; therefore my aim is to identify where your personal imbalances lie and address them specifically.

In addition to general practice, I specialise in the following areas:

Please take a look around my website and if you would like any further information or make a booking don’t hesitate to get in touch

Let us look after you

My intention is to offer you a peaceful and relaxing environment in which you are able to begin the healing process, and, most importantly, start to feel better in both mind and body.

“Visiting Emma provides me with an oasis of calm and well-being in my busy, active life. Her skills in aromatherapy and acupuncture have brought me relief, for which I am extremely grateful.”

Pat, Scarborough

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