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How to Survive Hay Fever Season

By Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Hay fever

This summer is seeing a massive increase in suffering from hay fever. More people are suffering, symptoms are worse, and this hay fever season seems to be lasting longer into the summer than usual.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be really helpful in relieving the symptoms, and preventing future attacks. Here are some points you can treat on yourselves using acupressure – simply massage or press each point for a couple of minutes.

Large Intestine 20: This point is found along the nasolabial groove, at the height of the widest flare of the nostril. This point is really helpful in clearing congested sinuses or runny nose

Acupuncture point Large Intestine 20

Large Intestine 20

Yintang: Between the eyebrows, over the third eye. I like to pair this with LI20 to relive the sinuses

Acupuncture point Yintang


Gall Bladder 20: This point is at the base of the skull, in a large depression that is easily felt between the muscles that run up your neck. From the dip behind your ear, simply run your hand backwards over the SCM muscle and you will fall into a likely tender dip. This is GB20. We use this point to boost the immune system to expel pathogens, and it is also great for relieving headache and sinus congestion.

Acupuncture point Gall Bladder 20

Gall Bladder 20

Lung 7: On the thumb side of your wrist. From the anatomical snuffbox at the base of the thumb that is exposed if you raise your thumb, feel along up the wrist. You will go over a little hill. As you reach the bottom on the other side of the hill, if you feel carefully there are two tiny tendons that insert there. Lung 7 sits between these tendons at the bottom of the bony prominence. We use Lung 7 to boost the immune system, expel pathogens and strengthen the lungs. Great for cough, wheezing and asthma.

Acupuncture point Lung 7

Lung 7

Large Intestine 4: If you squeeze your thumb and forefinger together you will see a mound of muscle form at the base between these fingers. Feel for the very top of the mound then relax your fingers. Press down and in towards the metacarpal bone of the forefinger and you will find a tender spot. This is LI4. LI4 is used a lot for all sorts of conditions. In the case of hay fever, like Lu7 and GB20 it helps to expel those pesky allergens that are setting you off. It is also helpful for relieving headache, and venting heat (sore eyes, any redness, congestion).

Acupuncture point Large Intestine 4

Large Intestine 4


Give these points a try at home, and if you need some stronger relief this hay fever season, or want to boost your immune system to better withstand the season next year make an appointment for some acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine.